21 min

China’s economic policy, with Barry Naughton and Max J. Zenglein



Despite the many challenges China’s economy is facing on several levels, the Chinese leadership seems determined to push for fundamental shifts of China’s economic system. Beijing seeks to tackle long-term structural issues and rebalance the economy in line with broader policy goals. The latest buzzword spread is “common prosperity”, seeking to narrow the yawning wealth gap in the country. What does Beijing hope to achieve and why is it rolled out right now? In this episode of our podcast, we discuss with Barry Naughton and Max J. Zenglein. Barry Naughton is the So Kwan Lok Chair of Chinese International Affairs at UC San Diego and one of the most highly respected economists working on China. He is also a member of MERICS’ International Scientific Council. Max J. Zenglein is Chief Economist at MERICS .

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